Various methods of treatment of hernia

As mentioned above, umbilical hernias are prone to self-healing, regardless of size.It is recommended that a number of activities to address the conservative nature of the existing pathology. With the proper treatment of a hernia may have already disposed to six months. What are some methods of conservative treatment of umbilical hernia?

The most effective measure of prevention of umbilical hernia, as well as treatment of an already existing state is putting some baby on his tummy.

It is recommended to spread child 10-15 minutes before feeding 2-3 times a day on a flat hard surface.This may be a changing table or table covered with a diaper. Are necessarily close to the child, do not leave it for a second, even if your baby is not able to roll over.

During a reupload would be useful to conduct a gentle massage of the back, legs and handles your crumbs, just stroking the tips of fingers upward from the buttocks to the shoulders.

The second method of conservative treatment of umbilical hernia as well as by the prevention of this condition is to massage the abdomen. Massage in outpatient appointment by observing the pediatrician is usually performed after the child reaches two months.However, you can conduct yourself massage immediately after healing of the umbilical wound.The smallest crumbs enough to hold only three or four light stroking motion tummy clockwise, starting from the right iliac region to the left, ie from the right lower abdomen to the lower left area.Stroking massage relaxes muscles, and therefore the motion should be very soft, comfortable for the child. This reception is held volar surface of the brush.

Massage older kids can be performed by the method of «I love U».This massage helps with flatulence (bloating tummy), with colic and with an umbilical hernia. Present on the surface of your child’s tummy inverted U; just looks and intestines.Put on your hands a little oil for massage and knead your tummy baby lying flat with your fingers in a circular motion. First, walk down the left side of tummy child write the letter «I» (for you it would be right).This movement you move down the gases, forcing them out of the descending portion of the colon.Then draw an inverted «L», promoting peristalsis and gases over the cross section of the colon, then back down the descending portion of the colon (the upper abdomen) and then — again down the left side of the abdomen of the child.Then plot the inverted «U», walked up the rising portion of the colon, then the cross and so on down to a top-down, that is, right from the bottom up, then the upper abdomen and then — down the left side of the abdomen baby.

Particular attention should be paid umbilical region, since it is the weakness of recti formed enlarged umbilical ring and, therefore, umbilical hernia. Rectus abdominis are the right and left of the navel and cover almost the entire anterior abdominal wall.Place the thumb and forefinger on the right and left of the navel of the child at a distance of approximately 1-2 cm from the center of the navel and fine dot movements made ten clicks. The same pressing steps above and below the navel. Movements must be gentle and do not deliver the baby discomfort.Then, at the same distance from the umbilicus index and middle fingers held ten circular motion clockwise. And in the end push the hernial protrusion into the stomach. The intensity of these procedures should be comfortable for your baby.During the day, massage umbilical region is desirable to have two or three. Duration is not more than 5 minutes and preferably hold them up to feed her child.Some babies prefer to have them massaged his tummy to swimming, others prefer receiving procedures after a bath. This issue is solved every time individually, depending on the condition of the child.As mentioned above, kids with omphalocele are sensitive to weather changes, and if the kid is naughty, then a massage is better to defer until a more opportune moment.

The third method of conservative treatment is the imposition of plaster bandage.Imposition of such a dressing as a method of treatment of umbilical hernia can be recommended watching a pediatrician or a surgeon. There are several ways of applying the patch. The patches for the treatment of umbilical hernias produce various firms (Chicco, Hartmann);such patches sold in pharmacies and baby stores. Emplastic bandage physician for 10 days, a wide band (preferably 4 cm), one of the lumbar region to another, that is, a bandage will be imposed around the abdomen.At the same hernial protrusion reduce a finger, and the rectus abdominis muscle of the umbilical ring are connected by two longitudinal folds. With proper application of these folds under the plaster should be left (not punish).If after removing the bandages revealed that the umbilical ring is not closed and hernia remains, the bandage can be imposed for another 10 days. Conducting the course three times dressing (3 times for 10 days) is enough to cure.This version of the patch applying modern pediatricians are rarely used, because the adhesive can irritate the delicate skin of the child.

There is also a method of applying plaster directly to the umbilical region in a few weeks, without forming folds.The patch must be changed every two or three days, and the baby bathed every day, without removing the dressing. This method is more gentle, and the parents themselves can change the patch, without the help of a doctor.When applying this method is recommended to use hypo-allergenic adhesive «Cosmopor E» 5? 7.5 cm firm Hartmann, who does not need to shoot while swimming.If there is a question on the application emplastic dressings as a treatment for an umbilical hernia, the tactics and method of dressing a doctor determines when viewed from a child with an umbilical hernia.Children were put on the patch, we also recommend gentle massage tummy as described above, as well as putting some on his stomach.The whole complex of conservative measures (mean putting on his stomach, abdominal massage, application of plaster bandage) should be undertaken only after complete healing of the umbilical wound and in the absence of skin changes, including inflammatory and allergic reactions in the navel.

If the full range of the activities of conservative treatment was ineffective and a hernia in a child remains after 1 year, then performed surgery to correct a cosmetic defect. This issue solved together a pediatrician and a surgeon, watching the kid.